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The Rockson’s Foundation on Friday, July 8, was in Vume in the Volta Region to reach out to less privileged children in the community and its environs.

Donating clothes, food items, toiletries and books, amounting to GHC 5,000. Gladys Rockson ,Founder of The Rockson’s Foundation chose to visit Vume because she realized the children in the community were into fishing mostly and seem to prefer that to school. This was  because the children lacked role models who had been to school and became better of as result of their education. The members of the foundation being mostly students, believe with the children seeing them and hearing their stories, will help change their perception to take their education serious.

After taking the children through counseling, peer mentoring and sharing the clothes, books and food, the group of nine seized the opportunity and allowed the children to help celebrate the founder’s birthday which coincided with the outreach programme.

“We are a networked of students and graduates who want to better our society by reaching out to the future leaders of the country.” Setor Jinadu a member of the Foundation noted. “We are doing this currently without sponsorships. It’s just donations we were able to gather with the help of our partners, Eakila Productions. ”

The Rockson’s Foundation was hosted by Ex-President Rawlings and founder Gladys in an interview revealed;

“Rawlings is our mentor and he sees the vision of our foundation and he supports us. He hosted us when we visited the Volta Region and that is surely one of the motivating factors that keep us going as a group.”




The foundation together with a team of healthcare practitioners will be providing free medical screening for a chosen community.

This would include, general health checkup , eye screening , dental check up, screening for diabetes and counselling.

Free drugs will be given out and spectacles for those with refractive errors.

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