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Meet Gladys Rockson, the President of TRF. Gladys is a student physician assistant at Central University. She is a 22 years ambitious lady who does not believe in impossibility.


She's a freelance Model, a model Coach, and a stylist. She has held various leadership positions such as Senior prefect( YAGSS), club president, sports secretary etc. She believes in living not only to please God but to be a source of blessing to others .


Her favourite quote ;see no evil, say no evil , hear no evil and you will have no connection with the devil .

Gladys is a dedicated , hardworking and selfless person whose passion is to serve humanity in anyway possible.

Rockson's foundation is a non-profit organisation which seeks to impact positively in the lives of people in the society, especially street children.

The foundation has undertaken a major project  labeled Cloth the streets. It is currently planning to undertake a health screening project. 

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